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Here's what to expect at your first appointment with TMM.

If this is your first time, you will need to fill out paperwork.  This can be done online or when you arrive.  Please know that if you need to fill it out when you arrive, you will need to arrive 15 minutes early so it won't effect your appointment time.

Once your appointment starts, we will discuss the certain areas that you are concerned with and if there are any changes since the last time we spoke.  Then your massage therapist at Therapeutic Muscular Massage will provide you with a few minutes to relax and prepare.  You are required to leave you underwear on but may leave additional clothing on if you feel most comfortable. (Please know that any additional clothing will change the type of massage that the clothing will allow). Then you will get in the sheets and lay face-down.  

When you are ready, a small 'doorbell' can be used to alert your therapist that you are ready.

 After the massage, we will discuss any other underlying issues that were found and a plan of action for your continued well-being.

For chronic pain sufferers, change will not come overnight.

This is not to say that you will not experience temporary relief but the pain didn't start overnight so it will not be fixed with one session.  For lasting changes, massage must become a part of your routine. Investing in your health is worth it.

Your massage therapist is there to help you.

Communication is key from the beginning of the session to the very end, so don't be afraid to speak up. If you don't speak up and say what feels like too much pressure or what you feel needs a bit more work, no one will know. Feedback is one of the most valuable things offered to your therapist.

Remember your worth.  If you regularly commit to massage, it will change your life.

You will see both obvious and subtle changes as you continue to show self-care. Massage is healing to the mind, body and spirit. It eases stress which will, in turn, begin to impact any chronic pain symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Over time, this will lead to stronger immunity, fewer headaches and a stronger sense of well-being.  This will help to ease depression, lower blood pressure and even raise self-esteem. 

This is a professional massage therapy practice and any unethical or unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.  The client will be asked to leave and the full amount for the session will be required.


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